chapter  6
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Dramaturg as Practice

The method to dramaturg has three steps and the overall success of the work is dependent on how effectively the three work in concert. The three steps are simple: define the project, gather the content, and communicate the findings. The distinction between definition and translation is important in understanding the unique collaborative role of dramaturg. This chapter describes some examples of different ways to dramaturg on a production, depending on the needs of the company and definition of the project: dramaturg as collaborator, dramaturg as researcher and dramaturg as audience outreach. Content discovery is an important part of play production and, while each member of the production team is gathering the information they need for their individual role, the dramaturg may find additional avenues and overlapping circumstances that will be useful to the rest of the production team. A dramaturg who comes to the table with a holistic mindset and a purpose-driven process will be an effective creative collaborator.