chapter  7
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The Skillset in Production

This chapter considers some of the typical tasks of the production dramaturg within the production team and examines ways to apply the mindset and method of approach. It examines pre-production work and examines the process applied to the creation of the casebook. The chapter describes the rehearsal period and explores the dramaturg in rehearsal and during the rehearsal process. One of the important early reads that a dramaturg makes is an analysis of the script. Whatever the makeup of the content, an essential element of the dramaturging is the synthesis of that content. Many dramaturgs now elect to practice a kind of digital dramaturgy and use combinations of online platforms to share their findings. Production schedules vary at different theatres, and the dramaturg's schedule must coincide with the fixed dates and typical practices of the company with which she is working. However, it is useful to consider a typical schedule of events for a production dramaturg.