chapter  9
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Dramaturging New Plays and Devising

Dramaturgy as way of seeing is a particularly useful model when considering the various kinds of performance it encounters. This chapter focuses on the two of the popular forums for work in the contemporary theatre: new plays and devised theatre. The role of the dramaturg on a new play is to help facilitate the development of that play for the playwright, the festival, or the company. Through an active support process, the dramaturg can create an environment that is conducive to creative work, and ultimately that is the most important element of her work in new-play development. The mindset to dramaturg is particularly useful in working with playwrights. Devised theatre is created through the collaboration of artists in the room, so it is particularly well suited to dramaturgy. An element that specifically distinguishes the dramaturgy for devised theatre from that of established script production or new plays is the function of the content the dramaturg provides.