chapter  5
Revolution, Reaction, and Ideology, 1815–1848
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Europe experienced sweeping changes in the thirty years that followed the collapse of Napoleon’s empire in 1815. These changes occurred at the same time that many European political leaders steeled themselves to prevent any further political upheavals that might disrupt Europe as the French Revolution had in 1789. Among the sweeping changes that occurred between 1815 and 1848 was the spread from Britain to other countries of new forms of technology and patterns of work that collectively have been termed the Industrial Revolution. Europeans formulated a variety of cultural and intellectual responses to both the social challenges of the Industrial Revolution and the political challenges of the French Revolution. These challenges also led to additional revolutions in Europe, culminating in 1848 when revolution swept through France, Italy, and central Europe. No matter how hard they tried, political leaders during this period could not turn back the calendar to 1788. The effects of the French Revolution and the shadow of Napoleon affected every nation in Europe.