chapter  1
Urban Areas of the Northeast
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This chapter is a depiction of the urban crisis in the major urban areas of the United States' Northeast. Data on population, employment, income, poverty, and housing are used to highlight the severe problems experienced by all of the major northeastern urban areas. The five urban areas (manufacturing cities) with the worst scores on this index are (in order, from the worst) Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Detroit, and Milwaukee. The next group is (from the bottom) St. Louis, Chicago, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston. This diverse group includes the three largest urban areas in the Northeast. The members of the top group are (from the bottom) Baltimore, Indianapolis, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Kansas City, Columbus, and Washington, D.C. The top group consists of urban areas that are located away from the core industrial area of the Northeast (Washington, D.C, Baltimore, Kansas City, and Minneapolis-St. Paul), or are the two "newer" major metropolitan areas of the Northeast (Indianapolis and Columbus).