chapter  2
Urban Areas of the Sunbelt, Before Air Conditioning
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This chapter focuses on the problems in the urban areas of the American Sunbelt during the period 1970-1990. Several of the central cities in the Sunbelt experienced the urban crisis. Those include all of the six central cities of the South: Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, New Orleans, Atlanta, Birmingham, and Miami. The central cities of the West include Los Angeles, San Francisco-Oakland, Seattle, Denver, San Diego, and Phoenix. The urban crisis is much less in evidence in these western cities. The average population growth for the twelve metropolitan areas was 54.6 percent. The largest increases in foreign-born populations occurred in Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco-Oakland, Houston, and San Diego. The central city poverty rate was higher in the southern central cities than in the western central cities by 7.1 percent in 1970, and this difference is statistically significant. The difference between the southern and western central city poverty rates was 10.2 percent in 1990, and this difference is also statistically significant.