chapter  3
An American Dilemma in 1950
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This chapter provides a brief overview of the main themes of research work in economics and sociology. The last economic study considered here is the book by Thomas titled The New Suburbanization: Challenge to the Central City. Work in urban sociology on racial segregation, urban education, urban crime, and urban poverty is discussed here. The topics included in the text are as follows: urbanization and growth of urban areas; theory of land rent and land use; efficient use of resources and equity in income distribution; trends in suburbanization; urban problems, including poverty housing, slums, and urban renewal urban transportation financing local government pollution and environmental quality. The popular book Readings in Urban Economics by Matthew Edel and Jerome Rothenberg,1972, includes these topics: location theory and metropolitan growth; intraurban location and land use; housing; segregation and ghetto poverty; congestion and pollution; urban transportation; urban public finance.