chapter  Chapter 6
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Improving Environmental Quality

WithWilliam T. Alpert

Serious natural resource management problems like degradation of forests, wetlands and coral reefs, and trade in endangered species threaten Vietnam’s unique biodiversity. Rapid urban population growth is putting municipal infrastructure and services under stress and has resulted in many environmental problems. The Government of Vietnam’s 10 year National Environmental Protection Strategy (NSEP) recognizes that there is a rapid deterioration in environmental quality and natural resources. The three main objectives of the Government Strategy are to prevent and control pollution, to protect, conserve and sustainably use natural and biodiversity resources, and to improve environmental quality in urban, rural and industrial areas. Community empowerment, enforcement of laws and decrees, access to knowledge, and the provision of information and trade opportunities, act as incentives to induce behavioral changes necessary for environmental protection and sustainable resource use. Recognizing a shift in the country’s industrial structure, the NSEP has identified greening of the industrial sector as a priority.