chapter  1
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The Politics of Public Health in the United States

This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on concepts discussed in this book. The society at large entrusts its government to oversee and protect the collective good health. And in return individuals agree to cooperate by providing tax monies, accepting vaccines, and abiding by the rules and guidelines laid out by government public health leaders. Modern medicine embodies the curative model; with its elaborate technology, it has developed a preeminent place in the field. It emphasizes the treatment and cure of disease and is supported by medical research centers, biotechnology companies, and significant amounts of government funding through the National Institutes of Health. A reinvigorated public health system is now on the policy agenda.That agenda is a crowded one. It is clear that the capacity of the public health system has to be increased. This means more personnel and more training. Government policymaking and the politics surrounding it are messy, involve lots of arguments, and have difficulty in resolving issues.