chapter  4
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Communicating in Images, Symbols, and Metaphors

Over many years, artists develop both skills and insights that enable them to relate to others at a very basic human and emotionallevel. Watch a gifted dancer or actress perform and you will see how she begins to connect with the audience emotionally, to draw them in, to make them feel apart of her world, and

to cause them to feel something special. In part, artists connect by fashioning images, symbols, and metaphors that appeal to an intelligence far different from that of the intellect. They employ a language that carries strong emotional power or ascendancy, a language that speaks to the human spirit. They connect by relating to those primal human experiences or "stories" that we all share: the myth of the hero or the tale of love lost and then redeemed. They resurrect familiar tales and common experiences, and we find ourselves caught up in feelings and emotions we may not have even realized we had.