chapter  5
Unilateralism and Its Discontents: The Passing of the Cold War Alliance and Changing Public Opinion in the Republic of Korea
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This chapter examines the United States (US)-Korea Status of Forces Agreement in some comparative context as a matter of both US military and international law. The chapter considers some of the events that have recently militated in favor of revision of the Status of Forces Agreement and finally assess the prospects for success of recent revisions and proposals for further future change and the possible consequences. The Republic of Korea (ROK) and the US governments completed negotiations to revise the "Status of Forces Agreement between the Republic of Korea and the United States" (SOFA). The US-ROK SOFA regulates the maintenance, administration, and return of facilities used by US forces in Korea. As Richard Halloran, a long-time observer of the region and US-Korea relations has recently noted, Anti-Americanism is clearly on the rise in Korea and appears to be undergoing a fundamental change. ROK sentiment seems to have tracked closely the South's improving relations with Pyongyang.