chapter  7
The Structural Basis of "Anti-Americanism" in the Republic of Korea
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The present researchers provide an exploratory analysis of Korean respondent's perceptions of American people and society and their influence on Korea and the world. An open-ended questionnaire was developed by the present researchers to examine Korean students and adult's perception of American society and people and its impact on South Korea, the Korean Peninsula, and the world. Based on the results of open-ended questionnaire, a structured questionnaire was developed that tapped into the following five areas such as perception of American society, perception of American people, perception of American influence on South Korea, perception of American influence on the Korean Peninsula, and perception of American influence in the world. As in the case of their perception of American society, Korean respondents have a mixed view of the American people. For trust of American people, Koreans are least likely to trust the American police, followed by President Bush and other politicians.