chapter  8
Anti-Americanism and the U.S. Role in Inter-Korean Relations
Pages 23

This chapter examines several recent surveys of public and elite/leadership opinion in the Republic of Korea (ROK), covering the changing shape of views that Koreans hold of the United States (U.S), the American people, and U.S policies. In the Potomac study, the most important problems in relations between Korea and the United States. The importance Korean respondents in the Potomac study placed on the security relationship. A Potomac Associates study of the views of "next-generation leaders" in the ROK. Trust in the United States, as recorded in the Potomac study, was relatively strong, again followed by China, Japan, and Russia. A clear majority were of the view that the United States benefits most from the bilateral ties, a view held unanimously by the military respondents and more heavily than the norm by media persons. A near-majority in the Potomac study believed anti-Americanism was "growing".