chapter  10
Revamping the Korean-American Alliance: New Political Forces, Paradigms, and Roles and Missions
Pages 25

This chapter looks to attitudes in the economic partnership by examining the underlying structures of market and association that give shape to the economic alliance. It discusses Korean social capital in a rapidly changing automobile industry, and it focuses on "demarcation" or the new borders spurred by the entry of GM Daewoo into the industry. The prominence of the auto industry in national economic priorities often presented as critical for the nation's survival in development of worker identity and labor organization and in consumer identity. General Motors of the United States has long been involved with the Korean auto industry. Not only the Korean Automobile Manufacturers Association and the Korea Auto Industries Cooperative Association but also the peak Korean Federation of Industries must adjust their policies and national identity to fit an industry blending foreign and locally owned firms. A state financial institution, Korea Development Bank (KDB), is the major local investor in the foreign-owned and managed GM Daewoo.