chapter  2
Pacific Co-Prosperity? The San Francisco System and Its Implications in Comparative Perspective
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This chapter aims at understanding the complex nature of anti-Americanism in South Korea. The chapter explains the diverse images of the United States in the minds of South Koreans involving yonmi, chinmi, sungmi, banmi, and hyommi. It examines how anti-Americanism has been misunderstood at home and abroad not only by looking into the ambivalent nature of Koreans' perception of the United States but also by disaggregating the anti-American phenomenon. Banmi is only one aspect of South Korea's national psyche with regard to the United States, as there are, in fact, a variety of Korean positions toward the United States, ranging from sungmi to hyommi. The democratic maturity and civic alertness to American exeptionalism are likely to continue and could easily escalate into anti-American movements. The chapter suggests option to overcome the anti-American phenomenon and to improve the Korean-United States relationship.