chapter  5
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Language and Religion in International Management

Expatriates are a normal aspect of doing business internationally, but these individuals face particular challenges because they are required to live and work in an unfamiliar environment. Adjusting to this new environment is often difficult, and expatriates suffer from culture shock. This can result in costly failures for international firms. To reduce the likelihood of culture shock and failure, firms can design careful selection and training programs for expatriates and their families. Adjustment occurs as the expatriate begins to learn the norms and ways of getting things done in the new culture and job. A culture assimilator is simply a questionnaire that requires the trainee to respond to a number of cross-cultural scenarios. Black and Mendenhall linked and integrated culture novelty, job novelty, and training rigor, arguing that the greater the culture novelty, required degree of interaction with host nationals, and job novelty, the greater the need for rigorous cross-cultural training.