chapter  6
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Economic Development and the Management of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources

This chapter focuses on two special topics: human resource issues associated with gender, and ethics in international management decisions. The role of women varies considerably from place to place. International managers need to understand these variations and their implications for human resource policies and practices as well as for their management style. Achieving equality in the workforce in Canada and the United States has focused on demonstrating the equal abilities of men and women. Women are not as well represented in management ranks in Europe as they are in Canada and the United States. The United Nations set up the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 1989. In response, the big carbon emitters set up the Global Climate Coalition (GCC), and this body cast doubt on the science and campaigned against greenhouse-gas reductions. Climate change provides opportunities as well as challenges, as people see with growing alternative energies and new approaches to addressing the world's energy needs.