chapter  8
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B y NO MEANS was it all Stunn und Drang, and I don't know of anything in life so satisfying and nourishing as the sense that you are doing what you were put on earth to do, fighting for things you believe, for the poor and the oppressed and against racism. It gives one a feeling of being, of consciousness, and of connection. This connection is very important; if one is an isolated bit of matter on earth, without reason or explanation, then one exists with pain and sorrow. We were never sorrowful, and by and large we laughed more than we wept, always aware that we walked a path we had chosen on our own. Never, never was there the slightest danger of the Communists in America effecting any real change in government. If we perish as a nation - as we may do, blundering into atomic destruction - it will be stupidity, not an enemy, that will do us in.