chapter  6
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Measures of Perceived Interactivity: An Exploration of the Role of Direction of Communication, User Control, and Time in Shaping Perceptions of Interactivity

This chapter examines some of the issues related to m-commerce promotional activity, or m-promotion, and the likelihood of it being accepted, acted upon, and having the desired commercial effect upon consumer purchase activity. In areas where mobile internet service is prospering, specifically Japan and Finland, frequently mentioned offerings include banking, booking or buying tickets, shopping, and real-time news. The potential exchange of products and/or services for value is implicit in the concept of e-commerce. Goods and services are offered for sale via network. In comparison, m-commerce is probably better thought of as a facilitating technology or as an aspect of enhanced network access. M-commerce sessions can certainly culminate in sales, but m-commerce can also serve as a potent facilitator, or promotional device for other aspects of business, and this seems to be the distinctive feature of the business form. Mobile device persuasion conveys characteristics of machine-mediated persuasion, as opposed to the more visible and conceptually familiar mediated interpersonal persuasion process.