chapter  7
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Impact of 3-D Advertising on Product Knowledge, Brand Attitude, and Purchase Intention: The Mediating Role of Presence

This chapter presents an electronic game and advergaming conceptual framework. It also describes the current situation of electronic game usage in the countries selected for the study. The variables reported for each country were free and aided recall of brands after game play, attitudes toward product placement, perceived goal difficulty, and genre preference. Advertisers continually seek new, captivating, and persuasive environments to attain impact on their target audience and maximization of their investment. Electronic games provide an environment with the capability of maintaining players' full attention during the time the game is being played, and represent an excellent niche for advertising. For instance, advergaming is considered as an agent of viral interactive promotion through e-mail. Advergaming is gaining recognition among advertisers and companies pursuing effective promotion of their brands. Product placement refers to the practice of including a brand-name product, package, signage, or other trademark merchandise within a communication medium.