chapter  13
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Mobile Promotional Communication and Machine Persuasion: A New Paradigm for Source Effects?

Only a few years have passed since the pronouncement that m-commerce had arrived and was the compelling new business model for the "on-the-go" society of today (e.g., Feldman 2000; Senn 2000). Looking back, with the advantage of hindsight, we see a mobile sector that has not built out as quickly, nor in quite the way that was predicted or expected. For example, it was predicted that at about this point in time, the majority of cell phone users would be accessing data online (Feldman 2000); wireless application protocol (WAP) has certainly not lived up to its promise as a protocol for enabling mobile e-commerce via the cell phone (Batista 2002; Feldman 2000). As it is, the best working example of an in-place fully functional m-commerce system would be NTT DoCoMo's "iMode" service, and even this has remained rather a Japanese phenomenon, despite attempts to bring the service to the United States with AT&T (Stafford and Gillenson 2003).