chapter  1
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The Interaction of Traditional and New Media

This chapter explores the properties of three-dimensional (3-D) advertising and its impact on consumers through an elevated sense of presence. Three-dimensional advertising is new and innovative form of interactive advertising that provides prepurchase product inspection on Internet using 3-D visualization technology to simulate real products. Three-dimensional advertising is able to generate virtual experience. The impact of 3-D advertising can be ascertained from cognitive, affective, and conative dimensions. To determine whether presence mediates the relationship between type of Internet advertising experience and reported product knowledge, brand attitude, and purchase intention, mediation analysis was conducted as specified by Baron and Kenny. Thus, the results indicate that physical and engagement dimensions of presence served as mediators in relationship between the type of advertising experience and product knowledge, as well as brand attitude. Therefore, replications and extensions of this work are needed to verify and validate the results and to fully understand the impact of a virtual experience in the form of 3-D advertising.