chapter  4
Romancing Arcadia: Cervantes’ La Galatea (1585)
Pages 53

The ransom money arrived in Algiers on September 19, 1580, just in time to rescue the Spanish prisoner chained in a ship from a forced voyage to Constantinople. His master Hassan Pasha was retiring from service in Algiers, and despite begrudging respect for his maimed slave, who had lost the use of his left hand in combat during the glorious battle of Lepanto (glorious, that is, from the Christian prisoner’s point of view), Hassan would likely sleep better back in Constantinople with the prisoner totally contained. For during his ve years of imprisonment in Algiers, the Spaniard, who remained devoted to Spain, freedom, and the Christian religion, had masterminded four failed attempts to escape bondage and return home to his beloved country. His steadfast refusal to accept his enslavement and his rebellious ways must have been a continuous source of annoyance to his powerful owner.