chapter  2
The Lancastrian legacy in England
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Henry, as king inherited a complex and contested Lancastrian legacy. The religious legacy of the first two Lancastrian kings owed much, of course, to the regime's relationship with the Lollards. In terms of religion Lancastrians identified themselves with popular fashions and intellectual traditions that existed with late medieval English and Continental religious practice and in so doing imbued them with an explicitly Lancastrian identity. Prayers for Thomas highlighted how he had died for the liberty of England's laws, for justice, and for the whole realm of England. The reigns of Henry's father and grandfather had witnessed a rhetorical battle over the meaning of the Lancastrian political legacy, a struggle contested between the kings, their servants, and wider realm. The significance of the domestic Lancastrian legacy for the infant Henry VI was that his kingship and government were open to wider and deeper scrutiny than ever before. Henry's piety and his almost messianic status were also highlighted in the triumphal procession.