chapter  7
Providing Culturally Safe Healthcare to Immigrants and Refugees
ByLucy Mkandawire-Valhmu
Pages 16

This chapter discusses immigrants and refugees as well and internally displaced persons focusing on the experiences of these populations and the impact of these experiences on health. This topic is important for healthcare providers practicing in the United States, which has the largest refugee resettlement program in the world. Critical to the discourse on refugees is the impact of war on women and children. It also discusses the specific and unique needs of patients who are undocumented as well as migrant and seasonal farmworkers. Another health topic covered is female circumcision, which is an important topic to discuss with a new generation of healthcare providers who are unfamiliar with it but need to be prepared to provide the necessary care to women in order to enhance birth outcomes. Healthcare providers need to be familiar not only with the practice but also with the discourse around the practice, particularly among both Western as well as African feminist scholars. Based on the literature, some practical considerations in assessing and providing healthcare to women who have undergone circumcision, particularly for women of childbearing age, will be discussed.