chapter  4
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Mastering the mental arithmetic test

In this chapter I cover all the areas of mathematics that you will be asked about in the mental test. It is important that you initially focus on the content rather than try to answer the questions quickly. Speed will come, but become confident with the mathematics first. Students have often come to me frustrated and nervous because they have taken a practice test and only got one or two correct. ‘It isn’t fair’, they say, ‘I know that I could do the questions but I didn’t have enough time to think about the answers’. My advice would be to try out a practice test first to see where you are at that moment in time. You might be able to get most of the answers correct – in this case just use the book to remind yourself of the areas that are still causing you problems. It would not be unusual to only get one or two correct. If this describes you then work your way carefully through the chapter.