chapter  5
The power of love
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Personally, I think there is much in what is beginning to be explored in the interaction between Eastern and Western thought. For instance, there is the possibility that Western philosophy has almost stalled when it comes to off ering a vision of life because it has become too intellectual – too intellectually brilliant, you might say – that brilliance casting the need for practical intelligence in the shade. In all the technical talk between academic philosophers, conducted almost exclusively among themselves, philosophy has

become stuck on the conceptual. is is Kierkegaard’s diff erence between building a palace and living in a kennel that I referred to in the introduction. It has lost touch with the wisdom that can show people the place where the mystery can be discerned, meaning found and life lived well. As one eminent philosopher once said to me, “I rather doubt that life has a meaning. If I thought perhaps it did, and I wanted to fi nd out what its meaning is, I don’t imagine I’d ask someone whose credentials consist of a PhD in philosophy.” A witty comment, but a tragic one, for it left me wondering whether it was philosophy that had undone his faith in meaning too.