chapter  7
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Johannine literature includes John's Gospel (including John 21) and the Johannine epistles, but considering Revelation as a separate writing and shall treat it separately. John's Gospel is a retelling of the story of Jesus. It is focused round Jesus and shows him doing miracles and being in dialogue with Jews. If there are pre-existing sources besides Mark and Luke, it is more or less impossible to disentangle them - unless John has used them differently from his use of Mark and Luke. The older tradition of seriously critical scholars was to regard John's Gospel as unhistorical and also as very late. This view goes back to Baur and Scholten. Among more recent scholars it is found also in the work of Pfleiderer, Loisy and Barnes. The relationship between Ignatian tradition and John is significant. Burghardt believed that Ignatius knew the author of the Gospel but not the Gospel itself.