chapter  1
The Problem Posed
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This chapter explains that the general scope of opinion is that Mark was written between 65 and 75 CE. Mark's Gospel was not written by the person called John Mark, the son of Mary and the companion of Barnabas and Saul. The strong legendary elements in Mark confirm that the date is later than 65 CE. Perhaps as much as half the material is regarded by most modern commentators, and has to be regarded, either as legendary development or else as the creation of the evangelist himself. In 1923, Martin Werner denied any direct influence from the apostle on the Gospel. Werner was answered by Marxsen who criticized him for not comparing Paul with Mark's distinctive contribution to the tradition that the Gospel incorporates as revealed by redaction criticism. The chapter mentions the possibility discussed by several commentators, that there are two distinct styles of narration in Mark which are conflated by a final editor.