chapter  2
1 Clement
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Luke's Gospel is, according to many commentators, the most attractive of the Synoptics. Luke is the second Gospel in the chronological sequence. In terms of its relations with other New Testament literature, Luke knows Mark and is itself known by John and by Acts in its present form. There are a number of references which suggest that our present text of Luke has been interpolated at some point. Again, these fall into two categories: those where there is textual evidence and those where the evidence is lacking. In the first category, the author places especially 22:43-44 (the angel and sweat). It seems to intrude into its present context and has a legendary if not an apocryphal character. In the second category, the author places the whole of the birth narrative, 1:5-2:52. This is argued to be post-Lukan by a veritable tradition of scholarship.