chapter  2
Pages 28

This chapter focuses on a different cluster of concerns, demonstrating key moves in second-wave feminist thought, as well as some of the diversity in response-strategies that encompass both socio-economic and cultural-symbolic concerns. It takes a problem-oriented approach that maps the complex strands of feminist thinking in relation to women's struggles for equal recognition and rights, and freedom from oppressive constraints of sex, self-expression and autonomy. This approach also makes clear that far from being 'over', feminism remains a vital response to the diverse issues that women and men find pressing and socially important. The chapter discusses the advantages and disadvantages to women of having the same access as men to the public sphere, and explains the differences between the positions of equality and difference feminisms. It further explains the feminist contention that social, cultural and legal norms and discourses concerning women's appearance and behaviour work to enable and maintain women's inferior status.