chapter  1
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Towards the project of re-evaluation

In the light of the foregoing analyses, people are now in a position to comprehend the overall argumentative strategy of the Genealogy as a critical re-evaluation of morality in which Nietzsche attempts to free us from the grip of morality. There are two problems with this argument. The first, and more minor, problem is that Geuss limits Nietzsche's target audience to Christians. The second, and more significant, problem concerns the argument that the fact that genealogy undermines Christian valuations is an incidental rather than integral feature of genealogy. Williamss discussion of genealogy, and Nietzsche's Genealogy in particular, situates it within the broader context of a discussion of a non-reductive naturalism about ethics, that is, a naturalism that seeks as far as possible to account for our current ethical psychology in terms ultimately drawn from other aspects of human psychology. Nietzsche's Genealogy stands as a founding exemplar of the genealogical mode of enquiry.