chapter  4
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Poststructuralism as philosophy of the event: Jean-François Lyotard’s Discours, figure

Jean-Franois Lyotards poststructuralism is distinctive due to its emphasis on aesthetics and on art. He seeks to introduce aesthetic events into structures, subjects and objects. Lyotards Discours, figure is between Derridas deconstruction and Deleuzes difference and repetition. It takes the practice of working within texts to open them up from the former. It takes the creative and metaphysical side of the latter. In one of his most influential and important books, The Differend, Lyotard develops the concept of the differend in order to explain irresolvable differences between incommensurable positions. On the contrary, Lyotards poststructuralism asks the question: how can we do justice to the event and bring different sides to accept their differences, rather than adopt one or other false resolution. A further key aspect of poststructuralism, shown well in Lyotards work, is the denial of the theory and practice distinction. Lyotards philosophy politics is divided between forms of government and the political.