chapter  7
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Conclusion: poststructuralism into the future

Poststructuralism has an important role to play in a new enlightenment. A fresh movement is required to restore the role of creative and critical thought in all aspects of life. Poststructuralism and enlightenment are about the formulation of questions, of methods and of principles that reveal the difficult problems that thought has to struggle with. Poststructuralism also has a creative relation to science, in terms of its relation to extra-scientific forms of thought, in the arts or in relation to history and to ethics. With poststructuralism, enlightenment has added resources in the critique of the hold of the faculty of recognition on thought and of its capacity to bolster conservatism. Poststructuralism denies any founding value in common sense. It also denies any theoretical boundaries for pragmatism in terms of its actors and its goals. Poststructuralism is a movement of addition, but where addition means a transformation rather than collection.