chapter  1
ByJordana L. Maisel, Edward Steinfeld, Megan Basnak, Korydon Smith, M. Beth Tauke
Pages 33

Pre-design, the stage when funding is available and before design begins, is a crucial phase for those in inclusive building practices. While typical pre-design focuses on project vision and goals, programming, site and building analyses, project cost and feasibility, and a review of planning and zoning regulations, inclusive design gives precedence to some of these areas over others. In a project or team utilizing an inclusive design approach, gathering information from clients and stakeholders is essential. Inclusive design is a rapidly expanding area of practice in architecture. Inclusive design guidelines can help contractors and construction managers develop efficient strategies for responding to both short-term and longer-term conditions encountered during the construction process. Inclusive design provides building owners and developers with ways to maximize their buildings' responsiveness to an increasingly diverse marketplace. The financiers of building projects vary depending on the scale and type of development.