chapter  8
ByKatharine S. Willis, Alessandro Aurigi
Pages 24

The relationship between transport and information and communication technologies (ICTs) has been highlighted in a number of ways: the interdependence of ICT and transport infrastructures; the links between mobilities and communication practices; and the way in which ICTs are used to manage and also control mobile people, things and flows. In the last decade the rise of big data and Internet of things (IoT) technologies has added further complexity and linkages between mobilities and ICTs. One of the key ways that ICTs and mobilities are connected is infrastructural. The role of ICTs is to add a network layer to the car infrastructure, where, instead of the road system being seen as many thousands or millions of individual cars all taking on their own journeys independently, cars now move within a connected system. The extent to which being mobile is now linked to data infrastructures increasingly means that it exists within frameworks of surveillance.