chapter  1
Definitions and approaches
ByKatharine S. Willis, Alessandro Aurigi
Pages 22

This chapter explores the concept of digital city on a number of levels: by exploring the definition of the terms digital and smart in relation to city and by outlining basic theoretical underpinnings. It presents an accessible introduction to the topic of digital cities and to explore it from a range of viewpoints. The chapter covers: What is the relationship between digital and city?; What can we learn from the range of definitions of digital and smart cities?; What changes have we seen in relationship between cities and digital and smart technologies?; and What ways are useful for us to think about digital urbanism? Virtual cities were another form of cybercities, but these literally referred to early attempts to create digital copies of cities either in early versions of internet or as geographic information systems (GIS) or basic 3D visualisations. The digital city approach was linked with use of information and communication technology (ICT) in public administrations and e-government practices.