chapter  7
Teachers as Therapists: a Review of Research
Pages 32

The aim of this chapter is to look critically at some of the illustrative research done on training teachers as behaviour modifiers. Once again we will be particularly concerned with training methods, evaluation and implementation. We will attempt to relate this literature to nurse and parent training, although this will be undertaken more thoroughly in the final chapter. This chapter should also provide a backdrop for the following one, which illustrates in detail one teacher training programme. As with previous chapters, the intention is not to try to provide an exhaustive review of the literature on teacher training in behaviour modification, but rather to introduce and develop some of the issues raised by previous researchers which are of concern to us in this book. Other reviews and discussions are available in Clark et a/. (1972), O'Leary (1972), Madsen and Madsen (1973), Ulrich eta/. (1974 ), Lit ow and Pumroy (1975), Sloane ( 1976), Kazdin and Moyer (1976), O'Leary and O'Leary (1977), Merrett (1981), and Merrett and Wheldall (1984).