chapter  8
Teachers as Therapists: an Account of the EDY Project
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The Education of the Developmentally Young (EDY) project represents the first attempt in the UK to systematically train school staff who work with mentally handicapped children in behavioural teaching techniques. The project was fully operational from October 1976 until September 1980 and was based at the Hester Adrian Research Centre (HARC) in Manchester. Since that time the EDY workshop materials have been published (Foxen and McBrien, 1981; McBrien and Foxen, 1981) and are being used extensively throughout the United Kingdom. Initially the Project Directors were Tom Foxen and Judith McBrien, and they were joined by Maria Thomas in 1979. Full details about the project can be obtained by consulting the materials themselves, by reading McBrien (1981 ), Farrell (1983) or McBrien and Fox en (in press), or by consulting the project's Annual Reports, which are available from HARC (Foxen, 1977, 1978; McBrien, 1980, 1982; McBrien and Thomas, 1981). In addition Boucher and Feiler (1982) describe in detail how they ran an EDY course, and Cocks and Gardner (1978) describe briefly how EDY has been used in Walsall. Furthermore, Farrell (1981) gives an account of how EDY has been adapted for use on the Manchester training course for educational psychologists. Finally, the proceedings of two National EDY Users' Conferences which were held in Manchester in 1979 and 1983 provide extensive examples of different applications of EDY throughout the United Kingdom (HARC, 1980; Farrell, 1985).