chapter  2
Tort Law
Pages 40

This chapter shows how to analyse, research and construct an argument in relation to the moot problem presented by the fictitious case of Live and Loud Ltd v Andrew Jones-Hacker. This is a tort law themed moot problem question. Andrew Jones and James Hacker became civil partners in January 2013, but by late 2014 their relationship had become strained after rumours of Andrew's infidelity circulated amongst their friends on social media. Live and Loud Ltd v Jones-Hacker is in the UK Court of Appeal Civil Division. The Court of Appeal is bound by the decisions of the Supreme Court and its predecessor, the House of Lords. The Court of Appeal has a system of precedent with regard to its own decisions. In Live and Loud Ltd v Hacker-Jones, however, both grounds of appeal are concerned with case law that presented a nuanced development of phrases when it comes to determining secondary victims in this context.