chapter  4
Contract Law
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This chapter shows how to analyse, research and construct an argument in relation to the moot problem presented by the fictitious case of Aston v Finn. This is a contract law themed moot problem question. Alfred Finn is the owner of a block of ten luxury penthouse apartments. He bought the entire complex – which he named Tulip Place – from a property developer called Cosy Homes Ltd. He entered into a contract with Les Aston, a local painter, under which Mr Aston agreed to paint the ten apartments in 15 days in return for some fee. Mr Aston commenced work on time as required by the contract. In Aston v Finn, the original contract was for Aston to paint ten apartments in 15 days for some fee. This is a classic bilateral contract, made before it is due to be performed. Finn's promise to pay the fee is made in exchange for Aston's promise to paint the apartments.