chapter  6
Sacred knowledge and elite dispositions
Recontextualizing critical thinking in an elite school
Pages 25

The author provides Queen's High characterization, outlining the elite traditions the school lives out, as well as its curriculum. This background leads into a discussion of the school's a curriculum offering that, while not currently offered by mainstream schools and has become common place among elite schools. One of the areas is the school's philosophy program that in taking as its primary concern the development of student's critical thinking skills and intellectual dispositions serves as the school's curriculum organizer. The author suggests that the use of rubrics, which students are given and reminded of at the beginning of each year, constitutes a weak framing of knowledge, in terms of the implicit criteria it establishes for what counts as critical thinking. He also explains how the distinction constitutes the strong internal classification of knowledge within the philosophy department, and plays no small role in establishing and regulating the discursive boundaries around what the state sanctions as legitimate forms of knowledge.