chapter  2
Philosophical Influences
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Engels maintained that Marxian socialism was the product of three principal intellectual traditions, plus the novel insights of Marx's own creative genius. The three traditions were those of bourgeois political economy, of socialism and of dialectical philosophy, culminating in Hegel. In this chapter we shall be concerned with the last of these strands. Marx participated actively in the enthusiasm for Greek civilization that was general among German intellectuals in his youth. Marx wastes no time in venting fashionable moral outrage against an argument that, to the typical modern mind seems nothing more than a self-serving rationalization. Internal criticism of Hegel's thought was a common activity among the keenest young philosophers in Marx's student days, and Marx was among the liveliest critics. Marx never explicitly dissented from the conception of the sciences, including the social sciences as a part of them, upon which Engels elaborated in several of his writings.