chapter  8
Other Marxisms
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The choice of the theorists who, in the second half of it, will receive more than a passing mention-namely, Lenin, Lukacs, Sartre, Althusser, and members of the so-called 'Praxis group' of Yugoslavia-has been dictated by considerations of their philosophical interest, diversity, and relative novelty, dealing with issues left comparatively untouched by Marx himself. Historical importance has been of lesser concern to me, although it can surely not be entirely disregarded in my choices, particularly of Lenin and of the Yugoslavians. It is a significant fact that Engels survived his colleague by more than a decade, during which time he continued to publish cogent popularizations of Marx's thought and to engage in copious correspondence. Finally, brief mention must be made of the outpouring of interesting philosophical work in Eastern Europe that dates roughly from the period of the so-called 'thaw', which began with Nikita Khrushchev's denunciation of Stalinism.