chapter  3
Where is this Place?
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Narrative has always been a common thread for understanding human experience, a thread that connects events in words. Narratives, or stories, can coalesce setting, personalities, and action, as well as add meaning and even a symbolic or poetic layer to design thought. A story that focuses on place attends to the context and fabric of the environment. In the simplest sense, this can be the story of travels, like a picaresque novel. Designers often envision moving around a new environment, telling stories of a spatial unfolding, as a person walks through space from place to place. The concept story is more abstract and focuses on problem solving or new thinking. The story is a quest. The action story focuses on the fabric of the world in need of mending or improvement. For this narrative model, people may see built form as a part of a stream of history, and as having an influence on that history.