chapter  6
Does this Place Balance Community and Privacy?
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People exist in cultural contexts rooted in community. These social communities are nested or overlapped, some by kinship but many by affinity and lifestyle. Community is not a luxury but an essential ingredient for survival. Coffee shops, bars, exercise rooms, libraries, schools, places of worship, and restaurants are all places where specific activities bring people together. A successful after-hours place in Taipei, Taiwan, is the Eslite Book Store, open 24/7 with coffee and light foods. Successful Italian piazzas, Mexican zocalos, or university quadrangles depend on a variety of uses to draw people there. Like the Eslite Book Store, they succeed because they are positioned near major paths with multiple connections to the urban fabric surrounding them. Privacy is as basic a consideration as community. People desire, need, and, now in many places, have the right to be able to decide what information about themselves should be shared with others.