chapter  7
What Makes this Place Useful?
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A place can contribute to productivity and creativity, or it can get in the way and limit efforts. A well-designed place can provide a nudge that guides users to good results and offer cues to support better performance. Designing a suite of rooms for surgery is another case where functional requirements determine the layout of the place. Surgery departments are carefully zoned to support differing levels of sterile technique, different casts of characters, different clothing, and different management streams for clean, sterile, and soiled activities and materials. Productivity is not only about efficiency and flow but also about creativity and innovation. Creativity and profitability are said to be encouraged today by the polished workplaces built for Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and other high-end technology companies. Places both control behavior and provide choices. At one end of the spectrum, prisons are organized to prohibit socially unacceptable behavior, control violent criminals, and keep staff safe.