chapter  2
Ways of studying religion off campus: academic approaches and issues
Pages 39

This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on the concepts discussed in this book. The book provides ideas and practices of engaging with living religion to a wider range of people than university undergraduates. It helps postgraduate researcher to realise the range of possibilities that there are for engaging with living religion and also the need not to limit ideas of what counts as 'religion'. Postgraduate research will engage with theory much more extensively than undergraduate work and connect at depth with other scholarly work. The book presents about the differing approaches and experiences of these diverse students, and here suggest ways in which tutors can manage these experiences, but it specifically address one or two recent developments in theological approaches to fieldwork. Various approaches to religious education over the years have encouraged teachers to take their students into the field, and the work of Robert Jackson has been especially helpful in bringing the results of ethnographic research into the classroom.