chapter  8
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Cross-curricular teaching: Mathematics at the heart of the curriculum?

An approach to primary education that involves cross-curricular study has been regarded by some people as a matter of fashion. The introduction of the National Curriculum led many schools to focus on single-subject teaching, but, as both the Rose Review (Rose 2009) and the Cambridge Primary Review (Alexander 2010) affirm, curriculum areas or subjects need not shape the way in which teaching is organised. Both reviews maintain mathematics as an identified subject area or domain, but highlight the importance of crosscurricular studies. As Rose (2009: 25) suggests:

There are times when it is right to marshal content from different subjects into well-planned, cross-curricular studies. This is not only because it helps children to better understand ideas about such important matters as citizenship, sustainable development, financial capability and health and wellbeing, but also because it provides opportunities across the curriculum for them to use and apply what they have learned from the discrete teaching of subjects.