chapter  6
The oneiric process
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This chapter argues that oneiric activity is a singular expression of temporality in the subject, and that it follows on from the phenomenological question of time as anticipation. As for the brain as an organ of oneiric production, the question is one of knowing what its place and function is in establishing the dream. The repression of the optative in dream activity is an attempt to incite desire to fulfil itself in the indicative mode. The psychoanalytic apprehension of the dream as text allows us to consider dream activity as having a narrative structure. The asymptotic mise en abyme of the subject in dreams is strangely evocative of the paranoic person's relationship with the paternal imago. The dreaming subject differs from the organ by means of which the nocturnal activity is produced. For the division of the subject is related to the cut of the Moebius strip.